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Webster's New World Hebrew English Dictionary

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This innovative dictionary makes the Hebrew language more accessible to students by eliminating the formidable barrier of the Hebrew alphabet. It iseasy to locate words quickly with the Webster New World Hebrew English Dictionary, because the Hebrew to English section is alphabetized according to the transliterated English spelling.

The English version is marked for correct pronunciation and followed immediately by the Hebrew spelling of the word. This breakthrough work of linguistic scholarship is packed with useful features that guarantee rapid progress, even for those with no familiarity with the Hebrew language. It contains:
  • Extensive grammatical information including parts of speech, variant verb forms, and the formation of feminines and plurals
  • Listings of idioms and compounds and indications of colloquialisms and slang
  • Common variations in pronunciations
  • Geographical, historical and cultural entries

A revolutionary transliterated dictionary requiring no prior knowledge of the language. Over 50,000 entries. Until now students of Hebrew could not even look up words in a dictionary without first mastering an unfamiliar script and complicated rules of spelling. Now thanks to Webster's New World, even beginners of Hebrew can make rapid progress. Its innovative system of transliterating Hebrew characters into phonetic English sets this volume apart.

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